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Travis Pastrana design of motocross racing is well understood. His field of interest required immense mental, as well as physical strength, which didn't lack in him. On August 5, Pastrana won the gold medal in the first rally car competition at the X Games, edging out rally legend Colin McRae by 0.

His bike broke right in half, though. He represented Travis pastrana bio United States in the Nations' Cup by himself, after injuries forced teammate Jimmie Johnson and his replacement Scott Speed to withdraw.

He places 4th for his efforts. Pastrana and the crew of Nitro Circus have appeared in the music video for Spaceship by Puddle of Mudd. Because his dad is of Puerto Rico source, Travis Pastrana promptly got the opportunity to represent and compete for Puerto Rico in many international races.

Pastrana also performed the first Double Backflip in competition, scoring a He runs a show which he produced called Nitro Circus.

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He was always successfully winning a Motocross race as well as always winning an FMX competition that he happened to enter. A year later, he took home a gold medal at both the X Games and the Gravity Games.

Travis Pastrana

The Travis is also called the victor of many tournaments. He graduated at the age of 15 before enrolling at the University of Maryland.

Injuries have often taken Pastrana off the circuit for weeks and months. He was disqualified but retained his medal. He was one of a number of celebrity drivers to take part in the event in memory of McRae, who died in The team finished out the series with another first-place victory at the Wild West Rally in Olympia, Washington on December 31, Travis scored a Pastrana moved up to the cc class in His stand-up style, ability to spot jump combinations and great speed through the whoops make him easy to spot on the track.

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Travis Pastrana

His uncle, Alan Pastranaplayed as a quarterback from to at the University of Maryland[3] which Travis Pastrana also attended. Born Travis Alan Pastrana has an estimated net worth of $30 million.

Pastrana, an X Games gold medalist is an American motorsports competitor and stunt performer. Pastrana has earned his net worth from his work as a motorsports competitor, stunt performer, and from several endorsements.

Travis Pastrana Biography

Travis Pastrana Travis Pastrana Nascar driver Travis Alan Pastrana (born October 8, ) is an American motorsports competitor and stunt performer who has won championships and X Games gold medals in several events, including supercross, motocross, freestyle motocross, and rally racing.

Travis Pastrana’s bio: Travis Pastrana is one of Action Sports most iconic athletes. Starting at the age of four with a one-speed 50cc dirt bike, Travis Pastrana was soon hammering his way through a string of National Amateur Motocross titles culminating with the World Freestyle Championship at the age of The commercials featured Gavin along with Red Bull’s Travis Pastrana and Monster Energy’s Jeremy McGrath.

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Gavin is a humble and grateful individual and loves. EVS and Travis Pastrana present the all new TP Knee Guards. These knee guards were originally designed specifically for Travis Pastrana himself, so you can have confidence in knowing that one of the greatest of all time has given them his stamp of approval.

Robert Pastrana, Travis Pastrana's father and veteran of the United States Marine Corps, is a native Puerto Rican which made Travis directly eligible to represent Puerto Rico in international competition.


Travis pastrana bio
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