Safe state vs swing state

On the contrary, there are states that are not like safe states and no single candidate or party has overwhelming support of the votes.

2012 Swing-State Map, List & Polls

Rather, Colorado was most in-step with the rest of the country. Velvet Swing is water soluble and latex safe.

Swing state

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New South Wales state election, 2011

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Safe State/Swing State “Strategic Voting” for President October 31, The Boston Globe reports: “They campaign in near anonymity, these third-party contenders who stand no shot at the presidency. Some ell-known safe states are California for democrats, and Texas for republicans.

On the contrary, there are states that are not like safe states and no single candidate or party has overwhelming support of the votes.

These are called “swing states” or “battleground states”. Some examples of swing states of this election are Florida, Iowa, Colorado, and others.

With DT’s / GOP actions & policies being so repugnant to most voters, this year could see states that were thought to be a safe GOP state could easily swing to the democratic party! will be easier to say which will swing!

Safe state vs swing state
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